Marina, 39 y.o., Belarus
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Main info
First name: Marina
Age: 39
Location: Belarus
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Weight: 86kg
Height: 168cm
Eye colour: Green
Smoking Frequency: Never
Drinking Frequency: Never
English 4 (Advanced)
Marital status: Single
Want children: Undecided
Education: Some college
Job title: Scientist/Researcher
What religion do you practice?: Pagan
Age: 18 - 48
Eye colour: Any
Hair colour: Any
Is it okay if they have children?: Yes
Body type: Any
Smokes: Occasionally
Drinks: Any
Ethnic Preference: Any
When it comes to TV
Opt for a movie
When it comes to money
I spend some and I save some
Describe myself at a party as a
Life of the party
Keep my space
It's not perfect but close
Do I enjoy gardening?
It's OK - if it is done for me
Do I enjoy grocery shopping?
I like it very much
Do I enjoy other types of Shopping?
I don't mind it
Do I enjoy cooking?
I can't cook
Ideally I would like to live in a
tent in the woods
How often do I like to go out?
3-4 times a week
Do I enjoy dining out?
I like it a lot
Preference for pets
I have Rodents, Fish, Don't have but like Other, Cats, Dogs, Reptiles
What type of television programs do I enjoy watching most?
News, Mystery/thriller, Game shows, Films, Current Affairs/Debates
I enjoy spending free time
Playing with my pet, Napping, Taking a class, Volunteering, In nature
Activities that I enjoy
Hiking, Other, Snowmobiling, Walking
Sports that I enjoy watching and/or playing
Forms of entertainment that I enjoy
Casino/gambling, Dance clubs, Fashion events
Other hobbies or interests
Cats, creative writing, gardening